John Menadue talks to Jon Faine about Rupert Murdoch, the great rent-seeker (Repost)

The interview with Jon Faine was reported in The Guardian on 29 June 2017.  News Corp is a ‘disgrace’ and should not get hands on Ten, former manager says.

Repost:  In an interview on 22 June 2017 with Jon Faine of 774 ABC Melbourne Radio, John Menadue highlights how the Murdoch media attacks people like single mothers and dole ‘bludgers’ for wanting handouts from government, yet the Murdoch organisation depends heavily on  government handouts and political favours. Right now it is seeking government favours for Sky television in the UK and Channel 10 in Australia. This has always been the Murdoch way.  (See link to interview)

John Menadue describes how Murdoch has damaged the media and democracy in three continents. On the defining issues of recent decades – Iraq, climate change and Brexit – Murdoch has been badly astray. But  he will never admit the damage he has inflicted and continues to inflict. Fortunately his power is waning and none too soon.

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John Menadue is the publisher of Pearls & Irritations. He has had a distinguished career both in the private sector and in the Public Service.

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