JOHN MENADUE. Making housing affordable. (Repost from Housing Series)

Pearls and Irritations recently posted a series of articles on the theme Making Housing Affordable. The series focuses on Australia’s housing affordability crisis. Most of the articles were posted just before the Federal Budget, but a few were posted afterwards, by way of a reflection on the relevant Budget reforms (or lack thereof). The date of publication of each article on Pearls and Irritations appears after the title.

Download the PDF of Making Housing Affordable articles

The series features articles by well-known independent economist Saul Eslake and Grattan Institute CEO, John Daley (with colleagues), and includes contributions from a range of other experts in the field – Professors Hal Pawson, Peter Phibbs and Nicole Gurran, Dr Tim Williams, Michael Perusco, Dr Marcus Spiller, Rob Koczkar, Damien Webb, Jack de Groot, Susan Ryan and Ned Cutcher.

Making Housing Affordable explores the values and principles that should guide policy makers. The nature and extent of the housing affordability crisis, its origins and causes are viewed from the perspective of both those seeking home ownership and those who rent. The series also examines a range of policy options to address the problem. Specific proposals for improvement are put forward.

Contributors to the series acknowledge that there are no simple fixes and that change will take time. They recognize however that tangible reform is within reach.

Making Housing Affordable canvasses many critical or contentious aspects of the housing affordability debate, including the importance of addressing both supply and demand, the politics of urban planning, distortions caused by current fiscal settings, the scope for institutional investment in rental housing, protection for those who are forced into or opt for long-term rental, homelessness, impacts of the housing crisis on older women and, finally and importantly, how to revitalize the social and affordable housing sector.

This Making Housing Affordable series has been organised by John Menadue, Susan Ryan and Oliver Frankel


John Laurence Menadue is the publisher of Pearls & Irritations. He has had a distinguished career both in the private sector and in the Public Service.

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1 Response to JOHN MENADUE. Making housing affordable. (Repost from Housing Series)

  1. Bruce says:

    Housing affordability throughout history has been driven by two things, government intervention and a modicum of wage inflation. All other things are window dressing, more often than not subservient to economic pressures from those already established economically.
    After WW2 Australia had a boom in home ownership, driven by state housing commissions established at the dreg end of the depression and by war service homes. Both created boom economic times and a level of home ownership never seen before. They also implemented a series of minimum standards that escalated the price of property. Most first home buyer houses right into the early seventies had no made roads, no sewerage and often no gas connection.
    The boom economic times crated wage inflation, at times out of control, which made the initial burden up repayments lighter as time went on.

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