John Menadue. Malcolm Turnbull on climate change.

Dec 8, 2015

Since he became Prime Minister, Malcolm Turnbull has committed himself to Tony Abbott’s policies on climate change. He supports Direct Action. He supports the Abbott government’s carbon reduction targets. At the Paris Conference, the Turnbull government reaffirmed its commitment to the fuel rebate subsidy for miners. It plans to double coal exports.

In his blog on 7 December 2009, after he was dumped as Leader of the Liberal Party, Malcolm Turnbull said:

‘So, as a humble back-bencher I am sure he [Tony Abbott] won’t complain if I tell a few home truths about the farce that the Coalition’s policy, or lack of policy, on climate change has descended into. 

To replace dirty coal-fired power stations with cleaner gas-fired ones, or renewables like wind, let alone nuclear power or even coal-fired power with carbon capture and storage is all going to cost money. 

To get farmers to change the way they manage their land, or plant trees and vegetation all costs money. Somebody has to pay. 

So any suggestion that you can dramatically cut emissions without cost is, to use a favourite term of Mr Abbott “bullshit”. Moreover he knows it. 

It is not possible to criticise the new Coalition policy on climate change because it does not exist. 

As we are being blunt, the fact is that Tony and the people who put him in his job, do not want to do anything about climate change. They do not believe in human-caused global warning. 

As Tony observed on one occasion “Climate change is crap”, or if you consider his mentor, Senator Minchin, the world is not warming, it’s cooling, and the climate change issue is part of a vast left-wing conspiracy to deindustrialise the world. 

The Liberal Party is currently led by people whose conviction on climate change is that it is “crap” and you don’t need to do anything about it. Any policy that is announced will simply be a con, an environmental fig leave to cover a determination to do nothing. 

Tony himself has in just four or five months publicly advocated the blocking of the Emissions Trading System, the passing of the ETS, the amending of the ETS, and if the amendments were satisfactory, passing it, and now the blocking of it. … 

We have given our opponents the irrefutable, undeniable evidence that we cannot be trusted. ‘ 

Malcolm Turnbull is now taking to the Paris Conference, a policy on climate change that a few years ago he described as ‘crap’ and ‘a fraud’!


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