JOHN MENADUE. Our white man’s media coverage of chemical weapons attacks in Syria

Jun 29, 2017

In this blog on  12 May 2017  I wrote:   “Our media have accepted without examination the US/Intelligence view that President Assad was responsible for the awful gas attacks in Syria.  He may have been responsible.  But no independent evidence has been produced. I have not seen any of our media attempt to examine this issue’.

Pulitzer Prize winning author, Seymour Hersh has now written that there was no evidence that the Assad regime had initiated the chemical weapons attack in April this year.”  

Seymour Hersh is a famous and credible journalist who exposed the US massacre in My Lai in Vietnam and the US torture in the Abu Graib  prison in Iraq.

Refused publication in the US and the UK, Hersh offered this story about the alleged chemical weapons attack in Syria to Die Welt in Germany.  See

Hersh alleges that the US knew that its information about the Assad regime’s use of chemical weapons was false, but that President Trump decided anyhow to attack with Tomahawk missiles. Worse still, there are claims that the US administration is now  planning another attack on Syria based on false information again about chemical weapons.

In this blog on 17 April  2017 James O’Neill also cast serious doubts about the alleged Assad chemical weapons attacks.

Our media continue to do us a great disservice.  Without thought and analysis it allows itself to be led along by the US military and political complex and its propaganda..

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