JOHN MENADUE. Pauline Hanson sides with the powerful while pretending to speak for the weak.

Pauline Hanson talks a great deal about battlers and people who are left behind and are fed up with the major parties . But she invariably sides with the wealthy and powerful.  

Powerful commercial interests, banks, multinational companies and political apologists for the neo liberal economic system have spawned growing inequality and a sense of alienation around the world .

Yet Pauline Hanson exploits the legitimate concerns of the vulnerable by encouraging us to focus, not on those really responsible for our problems, but those that are even more vulnerable and at risk – the so-called welfare cheats, trade unions, refugees and Muslims. She won’t call out the real culprits. Instead she deliberately appeals to prejudice against the most vulnerable.

Just look at the evidence of how Pauline Hanson panders to the powerful and the wealthy.

  • Fairfax newspapers have reported that on issues where the coalition and Labor are divided in the current Senate, One Nation voted with the government 85% of the time.
  • On 66 substantial votes on legislation, One Nation voted with the coalition 88% of the time.
  • For years, she has contended that penalty rates should be abolished – ‘right across the board, get rid of penalty rates’.
  • One Nation voted with the Turnbull government on the double dissolution trigger bills to restore the Australian Building and Construction Commission and the introduction of tough governance standards for the unions.
  • She is investigating a 2% Easy Tax Rate. Guess who would be the major beneficiaries of that?
  • Pauline Hanson and her adviser James Ashby of ‘slippergate ‘fame were both formerly members of the Liberal Party.
  • It was no surprise that she did a preference swap deal with the Liberal Party in WA.
  • She sides with conservative climate change deniers and tells us that climate science is ‘indoctrination’. She keeps the polluters happy.

When push comes to shove, One Nation is invariably on the side of the powerful and wealthy. To hide its real agenda, it encourages us to attack the most vulnerable.. That is hardly the behaviour we would expect from a person or a party that says it is acting on behalf of battlers.

The forgetful Arthur Sinodinis tells us that One Nation is now a more sophisticated party. What nonsense! It panders to the powerful and attacks the most vulnerable,. It used to be Asians. Now it is Muslims. Who will be next?


John Menadue is the publisher of Pearls & Irritations. He has had a distinguished career both in the private sector and in the Public Service.

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2 Responses to JOHN MENADUE. Pauline Hanson sides with the powerful while pretending to speak for the weak.

  1. Avatar Jaquix says:

    Perfect description of the odious Pauline and her party. She is a Lib in sheep’s clothing (dyed orange). She seems to mesmerise too many. The WA election showed that not all is rises. She poses a risk to both major parties. Trumbull pandering to the likes of the right wing of his party and Pauline, as well as Andrew Bolt, with this unpopular change to 18c, beggars belief. Barrie Cassidy’s interview with Pauline highlighted some of her inadequacies, she was hopelessly outclassed. And now clamouring to sell SBS and the ABC.

  2. Avatar richard le sarcophage says:

    Hanson was always a creature of the Right, and the Liberals in particular. Howard repudiated her with the sincerity of his ‘non-core promises’ baloney, after she merely responded to his ‘dog-whistles’, then enacted as much of her ‘platform’ as he could get away with (aided by ‘Bummer’ Beazley’s ‘small-target’ acquiescence). Now Hanson also acts as a cats-paw for Trumble, Hughie having clearly emerged as his true self, an opportunistic doppelganger to Abbott, and every other Murdochite reactionary in the Liberals. And wasn’t it lovely to see the Liberal ‘moderates’ standing up to the hate-mongers over 18C? How many were there-why FIVE (count ’em folks-it only takes one hand to do the clapping!)hardy souls.

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