JOHN MENADUE.- Pearls and Irritations over the Holidays

There will be no posts on December 26, 27 and 28. Ian McAuley and Peter Sainsbury will have some weekend breaks. There will be some scheduled ‘holiday’ and some ‘new’ posts on other days.

Many thanks to readers and contributors.

Have a peaceful and happy Christmas and Hanukkah and .. other.


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5 Responses to JOHN MENADUE.- Pearls and Irritations over the Holidays

  1. Thank you and your fearless writers. This is a must visit site. Happy Christmas and a peaceful new decade.

  2. Joining in the thanks most especially to John and Susie – and thoughtful greetings of peace to all. The “pearls” in a humane, thoroughly informed publication like P&I – totally free of commercial influences – have never been more needed, also for the very real sense of concerned community this supports.
    May 2020 bring a new appreciation for this precious gift of life we have, and for the world we share. “Peace be with you and in our world.”

  3. J.Donegan says:

    Thank you John – the same wish goes to yourself and family.

    This seems as good an opportunity as any to thank all contributors and posters for their efforts.

    I have said before herein that I am greatly indebted to all writers, especially those who have the ability to summarize a complex situation and in doing so, provide a larger perspective not otherwise available. That is a source of great delight for me, and one I hope is able to continue.

  4. Lorraine Osborn says:

    Thanks John for a wonderful publication. Best wishes to you and yours for a happy and peaceful festivus. Kind Regards, Lorraine Osborn

  5. Albert Haran says:

    Thanks for the enlightening and thought provoking posts.
    2020 may give a better vision of where we would like our country to go.(I live in hope)

    For an electorate that voted for individualism, it is interesting that we rely on the collective when an emergency happens ( volunteers at that ).

    May the volunteers stay safe.

    All the best to you and yours.

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