John Menadue. Postcards from Hanoi.

Feb 20, 2016

I will be in Hanoi from February 17-26, attending a Hoc Mai Foundation workshop on learning from each other about health issues in Vietnam and Australia, and assisting in the learning of English in the health field. Hoc Mai means ‘forever learning’.

The foundation was established in the late 1990s. University of Sydney was a very active partner.  Over 30 groups of Australian clinicians and others interested in Vietnam have travelled to Vietnam since the late 1990s. 29 Australians will be in our group in Hanoi.

Emeritus Professor Kerry Goulston will be leading our group. He has made almost 30 visits to Vietnam as part of the Hoc Mai Foundation.

During this February visit, a few of us will be sending ‘postcards’ from Hanoi. The first postcard  from Jonathan Page, a medical oncologist, follows.

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