Ramesh Thakur as Guest Editor

May 2, 2020

For three weeks from Monday 4 May, Ramesh Thakur will be Guest Editor of Pearls and Irritations

As Editor in Chief I will share editorship this year with several colleagues who have broadly similar values and outlook. This  sharing is designed to assist with workload and to develop a  more collegial  future for Pearls and Irritations.

Outsourcing of production,technical support and promotion is going well. Readership is increasing significantly and encouraging comments continue. The fund raising is also going well.

The outsourcing will assist guest editors

Writers  should continue to send articles to me and I will pass them to Ramesh. Like the rest of us Susie and I are not going anywhere. We will be in the background.

Thanks to the rapidly growing band of Pearls and Irritations supporters.

With the failures of mainstream media and the absurdity of News Corp. independent media is more important than ever.

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