JOHN MENADUE. Scott Morrison claims again quite wrongly that he stopped the boats. (ABC News 30.4.2019)

May 1, 2019

In the leaders’ debate in Perth, Scott Morrison said: I fashioned a policy to deal with [boat arrivals in Australia] and we fixed it.” 

The ABC fact checked this claim by Scott Morrison.  The ABC reported as follows.

“The Prime Minister has claimed previously that he is responsible for “fixing” the problem of asylum seekers arriving in Australia by boat.

But when Fact Check examined a claim made by Mr Morrison back in 2014 that Operation Sovereign Borders had resulted in an 80 per cent reduction of boat arrivals in Australia, we found there was “more to the story”.

The big drop off in boat arrivals occurred when former prime minister Kevin Rudd announced a regional resettlement arrangement with PNG that prevented those asylum seekers arriving by boat from settling in Australia.” (See graph below’)



(By the time OSB commenced the surge in asylum seekers  coming by boat had largely ended. With boat arrivals largely stopped people smugglers have found another way of getting asylum seekers into Australia…by air. With inadequate border checks by Peter Dutton’s department many people are being issued with visitor and student visas. On arrival in Australia they then make an application for refugees status. This is happening right now in record numbers. In 2014/15 ,8,587 asylum seekers came by air. By 2017/18 it had increased to 27,931 far more than the peak years  for boat arrivals under Kevin Rudd/Julia Gillard. This year the numbers will be even higher.  Our borders have never been so insecure. John Menadue)

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