JOHN MENADUE.-Strengthening Pearls and Irritations.

From next week, we will be outsourcing the production, technical support and promotion of Pearls & Irritations. 

This outsourcing will be with Michael West Media.

In this contracting out of the ‘back office’, the editorial independence of Pearls & Irritations will be strictly maintained. I will continue as editor. There will be no paywall and no advertising.

We will be seeking modest financial contributions from our readers.

There are several reasons for this outsourcing.

The first, is to ease Susie’s and my workload and make it easier for guest editors to help the building of Pearls & Irritations.

The second, is technical support. This has been provided on a probono basis for seven years. As Pearls & Irritations has grown, this is no longer practicable.

The third is that Pearls & Irritations needs better promotion through twitter, facebook and search engine optimisation. Many readers have told us that we should be reaching a wider audience. We agree. ‘Promotion’ to date has been by word-of-mouth only.

For seven years, Susie and I have not employed staff . We rely on the support and good will of outstanding contributors and volunteers who have not been paid.

In a survey of our readers late last year, they made clear how much they valued Pearls & Irritations and wished it to continue and strengthen the voice of independent media in Australia. That is our intention.

To fund this outsourcing, we will conduct a modest fundraising campaign on the website from next week. We look forward to your continuing support.


John Laurence Menadue is the publisher of Pearls & Irritations. He has had a distinguished career both in the private sector and in the Public Service.

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26 Responses to JOHN MENADUE.-Strengthening Pearls and Irritations.

  1. Avatar Allan Kessing says:

    I’m happy to contribute.

  2. Avatar John Warhurst says:

    Thanks John for your indefatigable contribution to independent journalism and unfettered discussion of public affairs. Congratulations once again.

  3. Avatar Jeff Telfer says:

    Thank you, John and Susie, for your very significant contribution to discussion on national and international issues. The large number of highly literate and thoughtful contributors is a tribute to the reputation and standing that Pearls and Irritations has.
    Thank you sincerely.

  4. Avatar Rosemary Lynch says:

    Thank you, JM for your important Newsletter. I am in awe of the expertise and effort and editing of your contribution to our democracy. Happy to subscribe.

  5. Avatar Rob Swalling says:

    Thank you John and Susie,
    I am an avid consumer and would be lost without you, Michael and others who give us jounalism with intergrity and the public good powerful sections of the community seek to deprive us of. Thanks for your enormous contribution and for consulting with us before this transition.
    All the best

  6. Avatar EDWARD HACK says:

    Agree with all the above. Happy to kick in.

  7. Avatar Richard Barnes says:

    Sincere thanks to John, Susie and all the volunteers who have done so much work to promote thoughtful discussion of vital issues for long.
    Combined with Michael West and some funding, you will surely be an even more powerful force for good in these troubled times.
    Look forward to the chance to contribute (money, that is).
    Best wishes.

  8. Avatar Michael D. Breen says:

    Many thanks to you both John and Susie. You have done so much for us. At a time when there is so many epistemological problems your work is a shining light. Not only is the content well done but the forum you provide for discussion is wonderful educative and democratic resource. Hopefully you will now have a little more time at your disposal.

  9. Avatar R. N. England says:

    Dear John and Susie Menadue,

    New arrangements that make P & I less onerous, and give you more time to enjoy the company of Australia’s best and brightest, are certain to make it even better.

  10. Pearls and Irritations has been a superb contrast to the whitewash of the mainstream media. You both deserve thanks and congratulations. Michael West Media are the standouts in a flattened landscape and Michael himself one of the very best journalists in the country. You will do very well with them. All the best for the future. In these straitened times.

  11. Avatar Paul Laris says:

    Thank you so much John and Susie.
    P&I is an oasis of sanity and reflection despite the overall desertification of mass media. My only misgiving about P&I has been that most of the people I recommend it too have not heard of it. I already support Michael Wests newsletter. It seems an ideal partnership to nurture a social change for the better.
    More power to your mouse (that roared?)

  12. Avatar Peter Graves says:

    Thanks John – for all the personal efforts by you and Susie, in keeping such a valuable column going. I look forward to making a modest funding contribution.

  13. Avatar Richard Ure says:


    You posted some subscriber and reader numbers back in June last year. The good thing about troubled times and with more people at home, is that those numbers might have gone up and have the prospect of going up further. It might be helpful with an update to know what extra promotional activity has worked with the move to Michael West.

    I have posted some articles to Facebook groups in the past and hope they might have brought in some new blood.

  14. Avatar Sue Donovan says:

    I will be happy to contribute. I already contribute to Michael West’s excellent newsletter.
    Many thanks for the huge amount of work you have put into P&I.

  15. Avatar Mike Garry says:

    Keep up the great work.

  16. Avatar Gavin O'Brien says:

    A big thanks. Most of us, as readers or contributors don’t appreciate the huge effort that must go into doing this work. I hope all of us will put our ‘best foot forward’ to keep the show on the road.

  17. Avatar Ted Egan says:

    Dear Susie and John
    Bring it on! You keep us sane.

  18. Avatar Max Bourke AM says:

    How can I make a contribution, cash that is…thanks for what you have done John.

  19. Avatar Peter Johnstone says:

    Congratulations, John and Susie, on all you’ve achieved in the public discussion of things that matter to a good Society, and in providing a vehicle for the promotion of discussions that might not otherwise occur. It seems to me that the new arrangements that you’ve put in place will further enhance and widen that discussion. Thanks for all you’ve done.

  20. Avatar Lorraine Osborn says:

    Great partnership. Happy to support. Best wishes. Lorraine.

  21. Avatar Francesca Beddie says:

    Thanks for all your efforts and best wishes.

  22. Avatar Evan Hadkins says:

    Wishing you every possible success and many more readers.

  23. Avatar George Wendell says:

    John, I have to thank you very sincerely for Pearls and Irritations. As a long time observer of the main stream media in Australia, your website (like Michael West’s) has become one of the best sources of decent journalism accompanied with essays from highly qualified people that provide far greater insight into what is really taking place in Australia and in the world. I have observed for many years that some of our best journalists have moved over to independent journalism because they are no longer wanted by the main stream media that now produces junk food journalism and often fear-based politically biased rubbish designed to keep the population in a deep sleep, in state of panic, or kept within the neoliberal dream of capitalism and consumerism gone wrong. It is simultaneously Orwellian and a reflection of Huxley’s ‘Brave New World’. I am also aware that many journalists can no longer work for the MSM because they are no longer allowed to write articles with any degree of professional integrity.

    Thank you once again.

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