JOHN MENADUE. Thanks to Ramesh Thakur

Many thanks to Ramesh Thakur who has been Guest Editor of Pearls and Irritations for last three weeks. I will be rolling up my sleeves again.

Thanks also to writers and donors

John Menadue


John Laurence Menadue is the publisher of Pearls & Irritations. He has had a distinguished career both in the private sector and in the Public Service.

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  1. Avatar COLIN CLAGUE says:

    Thanks indeed BUT sadly Reconciliation Week is invisible in P&I apart from the link to Stan Grant’s article for the ABC.
    A NSW ALP Webinar will consider the topic on Monday. I have submitted a question:
    “It is 20 years from the Bridge Walk. On 3 June 1970, 50 years ago, a 5 week old infant was baptised at the inaugural meeting in Geneva of the World Council of Churches Commission Program Combat Racism. In turn, each of the 18 prominent Christians from around the world and from a diversity of protestant churches, pledged themselves “to strive, fearing no thing, to act to reconstruct world society so that the massive, complex society of the youth and adulthood of this child will be free of racism, of those forces of violence both inside and outside the churches by which her worth and dignity and that of her fellows will otherwise be denied.”
    Fifty years on must this now octogenarian Yaegl woman and NSW ALP Life Member and her 50 year one month old daughter be reconciled to the persisting endemic and systemic racism evident in the condition of many of her people across NSW and Australia. Racism that will be front and centre when the privately run mega prison opens in July on Yaegl country that will house 300 Aboriginal men and 100 Aboriginal women among its 1700 inmates. Reconciled to systemic racism in the police and judicial systems in NSW that has its knees firmly squeezing the life force out of Aboriginal Australians. And are we protesting, rioting, looting, burning if only with rage? No. We are reconciled to it being the way white Australia has managed its indigenous peoples for the past 250 years.
    This is the image of “Reconciliation” 20 years on.

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