JOHN MENADUE. The ASEAN Summit in Sydney this weekend.

Mar 17, 2018

The meeting this weekend will highlight for Australia the importance of our relations with regional countries.  It will also highlight the importance of our relationship with the US and China, and how that rivalry can best be managed in association with regional countries. As background to this weekend’s Summit meeting, I provide links to five important foreign policy articles that were posted on Pearls and Irritations in May/June 2016.

These articles were part of a series called Fairness, Opportunity and Security edited by Michael Keating and myself.  The Foreign Affairs articles were written by former senior officials of the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade.  This series was later published in book form.  The title Fairness, Opportunity and Security was, incidentally, picked up by Malcolm Turnbull as part of a government mantra.  But that is a subject for another day!.

The five foreign affairs articles, with links, are as follows:

Richard Butler.  Foreign Policy.  An Independent Australian Foreign Policy Richard Butler was former Australian Ambassador to the UN.

Stuart Harris.  What Australia’s Foreign Policy Should Look Like.  Stuart Harris was Secretary, Department of Foreign Affairs, 1987-88.

Cavan Hogue.  Australian Foreign Policy.  Cavan Hogue was Australian Ambassador to Mexico, USSR, Russia and Thailand, and High Commissioner to Malaysia.

John McCarthy. Foreign Policy. Australia, the United States and Asia. John McCarthy was Australian Ambassador to Vietnam, Mexico, Thailand, USA, Indonesia and Japan; and High Commissioner to India.

Stephen FitzGerald.  Security in the region.  Stephen FitzGerald was Australian Ambassador to China.



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