The strange case of Shaoquett Moselmane and the AFP and ASIO raid.

Jul 3, 2020

I was struck by these letters in the S.M.H. regarding Shaoquett Moselmane . Are we seeing a new McCarthyist wave of anti China paranoia?

First, I was amused by the pretentious posturing of NSW politicians feeling threatened by Shaoquett Moselmane’s alleged connections with China, but now I am disgusted (“ALP moves to suspend Moselmane from house“, June 29). Putting aside the issues of presumption of innocence, it is the suggestion that he be suspended from Parliament and his political party which horrifies me. This is McCarthyism gone mad. As I understand it, Moselmane has been the subject of suspicion and some criticism for echoing the very sentiments publicly proclaimed by US President Donald Trump not so long ago. I put aside also any parallels between Moselmane’s alleged behaviour and the almost daily messaging from our conservative politicians who parrot assertions, no doubt with the assistance, if not connivance, of their American friends, all of which are designed to influence our polity. Instead of these shadowy innuendos and unspoken menaces of reds under the bed, let’s have an honest appraisal of where the real threats to our polity lie. For that matter, if I were asked to choose between Chinese President Xi Jinping and Trump at the moment, I would probably have to think about it. – Terence Golding, Bolwarra

I disagree completely with the views of Moselmane on China but he has a perfect right to hold those views. But I find the statements of both Liberal and Labor that he be suspended from Parliament totally obnoxious. That one party should attempt to remove an elected member of Parliament for political advantage and the other to limit political embarrassment defies belief and is contrary to the principles of democracy. – Frank Payne, Killara

Reading Moselmane’s first speech to the NSW Parliament, it is clear that he is no radical, and that’s where the actions of ASIO raiding the office and home of an MP become deeply concerning. If Australia is indeed a robust democracy as if often claimed, then we must not only allow differing views but we must also protect ourselves from dangerous actions by our own spy agencies who may well be crossing a very dangerous line for a free society. – Colin Hesse, Marrickville

 What did the world’s second most powerful government expect to gain by allegedly courting the former assistant president of the NSW Legislative Council? Advance notice of next week’s menu in the parliamentary cafeteria? – David Hale, Gordon


( Really, foreign influence by a relatively unknown upper house member of a state parliament!  And with his party in opposition! How do the deep thinkers in AFP and ASIO compare this with the influence of the Israeli and American lobbies.Ceding our sovereignty in defence and security to the US apparently seems of no concern. But I guess much of this is a partisan political game and we should get over it! John Menadue)

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