John Menadue. Those pesky nuns.

I was taken with an article by Nicholas Kristof. It was first published in the New York Times and yesterday in the SMH. The link to the article is below.

In this article there is a quote from an American nun “Let me get this straight. Some priests committed sex abuse. Bishops covered it up. And so they are investigating nuns!’.

If only the nuns were running the show, the Catholic Church would be in much better shape.


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3 Responses to John Menadue. Those pesky nuns.

  1. While we may well laud nuns, let us not forget that they too have had sex abusers among their ranks.

  2. Doc says:

    The principal task of human beings is to whine.
    We know who makes the Church work – women.

  3. David Timbs says:

    A principal task of the Roman Curia and its regional branch managers is to protect the honour of the clergy at all costs. They do this exceptionally well by putting scorched earth around that institution even if it means some thing else is destroyed in the back burn. This time it’s the religious women.

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