John Menadue. Wasting food in France is now illegal.

Feb 25, 2016

The Australian edition of Huffington Post carried a very encouraging story on 4 February this year that it is now illegal for supermarkets in France to waste food.

Both Chambers of the French Parliament have unanimously voted to ban large foodstores from throwing food away.

Supermarkets must either compost or donate unsold and nearly expired goods to charity. The law also prohibits stores from pouring bleach over food items to prevent homeless people from foraging. Schools across the country must begin to educate students to overcome food waste.

Another law which went into effect on New Year’s Day makes it mandatory for large French restaurants to provide ‘doggy bags’ or take-away containers.

These actions by the French Parliament have been welcomed by charities and French food banks.

According to the Huffington Post, France is the first country in the world to adopt food waste legislation of this kind.

Hopefully other countries and the Australian states will think seriously about it

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