John Menadue. Who and for what are we fighting in Iraq.

Apr 4, 2015

Australia has sent troops to fight in Iraq Wars I, II and III. Our participation has been disastrous in each.

The latest news tells us that in the battle to oust IS from Tikrit the victory belonged to the Shiite militia controlled by the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corp. So our ‘allies’ in Iraq against IS are now Shiite militia led by Iran. This is a sectarian war in Iraq into which we should never have blundered. What side are we on now? Presumably it is the Shiite militia who have a cruel record as bad as IS.

Perhaps the US will let us know what side we are on.

We should get out of Iraq as soon as possible.

See link below to an article in the SMH today by Paul McGeough about the sectarian nature of the war in Iraq.  John Menadue

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