KEN HENRY supports Pearls and Irritations.

Pearls & Irritations should be a priority resource for anyone with an interest in public affairs who would prefer to hear the voice of experience.On any day, the reader will find something really thought-provoking and insightful that contributes to an understanding of why things are as they are and what needs to change.

Ken Henry was former Secretary of Treasury from 2001-2011


Ken Henry was Secretary to the Treasury from 2001 to 2011.

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3 Responses to KEN HENRY supports Pearls and Irritations.

  1. John Doyle says:

    Well, Ken, what you did as part of the Rudd stimulus is bearing fruit right now. Politicians from all sides derided the stimulus and poor old Swan was roasted because he couldn’t produce a surplus. in spite of the reality that a surplus is a private sector debt, not something one can save. The budget has to be backwards to fit a surplus as a saving.
    But they knew we didn’t know better.

    In the interim we have seen a renewed push for real economics, based on laws and accounting conventions etc It’s MMT or Modern Monetary Theory, suddenly in the limelight after being first promoted by AOC [Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez] in Congress.
    Now the coronavirus has got governments scrambling to up deficits to huge sums which was anathema to the neo liberal cowboy capitalist small government nostrums that were dominant in Morrison’s thinking right up until a few weeks ago.

    Thanks to pioneers like you and others we are on the right track to make a return from the CoronaVirus a positive thing, with minimum long term damage except to the now discredited mainstream. You never know we might embark again on a social democracy pathway as was promoted by the Marshall plan from 1948 to 1974 ish.

  2. Pera Wells says:

    I totally agree and am happy to contribute to the resources of this essential and inspiring newsletter.

  3. Lesley Tucker says:

    Hear, hear

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