KEVIN RUDD. Democracy overboard: Rupert Murdoch’s long war on Australian politics (The Guardian 7-9-19)

Australia has become a dangerously complacent country, dancing to the reactionary tune of the Murdoch press

Australia has become the complacent country. Complacent about its future economic competitiveness. Complacent about climate change. Complacent about how to navigate our future in the region given China’s rise, America’s response and a neighbourhood increasingly torn between the two. Complacent too about the gradual erosion of our democracy itself through a growing “pay for play” culture from financial donations to political parties, an increasing assault on the independence of the public service and the abuse of monopolistic media power.

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7 Responses to KEVIN RUDD. Democracy overboard: Rupert Murdoch’s long war on Australian politics (The Guardian 7-9-19)

  1. Rosemary O'Grady says:

    I have long-suffered for my defence of Kevin Rudd who, before his rise to power, was notable amongst politicians for speaking to the electorate as if they were human beings with brains.
    Those were the days.
    Now he proposes to deal with the nation’s indigenous affairs problem by mounting a legation of two – Rudd and Tony Abbott – to mediate or something- and bring home a consensus on the Uluru Statement.
    It’s been said before about contemporary politics but: beyond satire?

  2. Murdoch preaches to the converted. Labor has a bad habit of blaming others for its own problems. The public is not just complacent. It is not interested in politics.

    • John Doyle says:

      You haven’t been following politics lately? Every speech from the LNP attacks labor . Labor hasn’t been in power for 6 years but it is as if they were defeated only a few weeks ago. Sauce for the goose? It is really tiresome for this government to blame the opposition when the failure is theirs, but that’s the venality of politics now. Complacent incompetents everywhere, clueless about real issues. No extra money for newstart? the Budget surplus must be honoured. Little do they realise a budget surplus is a chimera. It only exists on paper.

      • Charles Lowe says:

        John: you’re obviously not a marketer. ScoMo is. Repetition is everything. As is “simplicity” (simplisticness).

        ScoMo’s one goal is to win the next election. Regardless.

  3. Frank Alley says:

    Australians essentially haven’t changed in terms of complacency from before WWII. When Australia was in its greatest peril, John Curtin the prime minister appealed to the public to tighten their belts so that we might be able to face the Japanese and German onslaughts. They, the public would not and seemed not to care about even our soldiers facing their dangers. The wharfies wanted extra pay, ‘danger money’ to load munitions on ships to be sent to the troops facing real danger. I’m alright Jack, bugger you syndrome is alive and well.

  4. Ken Dyer says:

    Australia is indeed complacent. Stagnant wages and attacks on the welfare system epitomise today’s politics. So far, the government, aided by the Murdoch press have been very successful in killing off innovation and rewarding old technologies such as coal fired power stations.

    But it wont last, according to Carlota Perez, whose work on long cycles addresses workers resistance to the neo-liberal chaos Australia is in at the moment.

    Ultimately, the Murdoch press will be overtaken by the giants of technology, e.g. Google, and that is a reason the Government is so resistant to these new technologies and business models, that innovate rather than exploit.

    We find ourselves in uncharted waters, with the defeat and moral surrender of organised labor. The question is where will the spark come from that will allow Australia to move on from the failed neo-liberal experiment foisted upon our country?

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