Kill them all

Dec 12, 2023
Central London 9 December 2023 Thousands of Pro Palestine, gathered in central London by Whitehall and Trafalgar Square to demand an immediate cease of fire in Gaza. Image: Alamy/Paul Quezafa-Neiman/Alamy Live News

This is a direct quote from a banner that was paraded in Tel Aviv in 2016 in support of the Israeli soldier, Elor Azaria who shot, at point blank range, a Palestinian teenager, Abdel Fattah al-Sharif two years earlier. No matter how many Palestinians the Israeli Occupation Forces kill, the cry will always be ‘Kill them all’.

That same cry was repeated last month, by a Floridian USA law-maker, Michelle Salzman, during a debate on the possible call for cease fire, when her colleague, Florida State representative, Angie Nixon said “We’re at 10,000 dead Palestinians. How many will be enough?”

“All of them,” replied Salzman.

This method and this message for dealing with us has always been the same. For the last 120 years.

Kill them all.

Ze’ev Jabotinsky, David Ben Gurion, Menachem Begin, Yizhak Shamir, Golda Meir, Yizhak Rabin, Benjamin Netanyahu, Ariel Sharon, Ben Gvr, Bezalel Smotrich, Rafael Eitan, Moshe Dayan, Chaim Weizmann, et al – have all made it very clear that there is no room in Palestine for Palestinians. Get rid of them.

Kill them all.

The United States of America killed tens of millions of the indigenous people of the Americas. Britain did the same in Africa, India and in the colonies. As did France, Holland, Belgium and Portugal. The Spanish did the same in South America.

In two world wars the civilised western powers murdered millions of people and laid waste to most of Europe. The United States of America callously dropped two nuclear bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, despite knowing that Japan was defeated and about to surrender. The message is always the same.

Kill them all.

That’s why it’s not very surprising, when the United States of America, this last Friday used its veto power in the UN Security Council to thwart the attempt at enforcing a cease-fire in Palestine. This is not the first time that the United States of America used its veto in favour of Israel. The is the 46th time it has used its veto in favour of Israel. This latest veto has been condemned by most members of the UN and this total support for Israel is even condemned by large swathes of American public opinion. America did not only give licence to kill to the Israelis, they also doubled down on their support of Israel when Mr Blinken, the US Secretary of State, by-passed Congress to approve the shipment of further tank shells to Israel.

Kill them all.

On the same day, far-right Israeli deputy mayor of Jerusalem, Aryeh Yitzhak King, went one further. Bury them alive. “They are not human beings”, he said. “They are not human animals. They are sub-human and that is the way they should be treated.”

So detained Palestinian civilians should be buried alive with D-9 military bulldozers. (Middle East Eye, December 8th 2023)

I don’t believe in International Law anymore.

I don’t believe in humanitarian law.

I don’t believe in the International Court of Justice.

I don’t believe in the International Criminal Court.

I don’t believe in the UN.

I don’t believe in the world order.

All of the above have proven to be nothing but a mechanism for western powers, especially the United States of America, to dominate, to exploit, to abuse the rest of the world and get away with it scot free. Why? Because they are white, Christian and powerful. And they can.

Furthermore, they have all, for over a century, backed whatever Israel did to us by using the slogan, ‘Israel has the right to defend itself’.

What about us, the Palestinians?

Kill them all.


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