LAUNCHING NEXT MONDAY. 11 May 2015. Policy Series

May 7, 2015

Fairness, Opportunity and Security
A Policy Series to fill the policy vacuum.
Edited by Michael Keating and John Menadue

On May 11 in this blog- Pearls and Irritations– we will begin a series of articles on important policy issues. There will be over forty articles on sixteen policy areas from over thirty contributors. The series will run for four to five weeks.

Each of the policy articles will be about 2000 words. They will be realistic, given our political and financial constraints.

Ken Henry will be introducing the series.  

In the week commencing 11 May we will post articles on

Democratic Renewal (John Menadue and Ian Marsh)
The role of government (Michael Keating, Ian McAuley and John Menadue)
Foreign Policy (Stephen Fitzgerald, Cavan Hogue, Richard Butler, Stuart Harris and John McCarthy)

In the week commencing 18 May we will post articles on

Fixing the budget (Michael Keating)
Taxation Reform (Michael Keating)
Federalism (Michael Keating and John Menadue)
Job Creation (Michael Keating)
Productivity (Michael Keating)
Transport and Infrastructure (Michael Keating)
Welfare priorities (Andrew Podger and Peter Whiteford)

Then will follow

Health (John Menadue, Jim McGinty {workforce})
Development of our human capital in the fields of education, science, innovation, research and development (Glenn Withers, Chris Bonnor {schools}, Glenn Withers {Universities})
Population/migration/refugees (John Menadue, Peter Hughes, Arja Keski-Nummi)
Retirement incomes (Michael Keating, Andrew Podger)
Indigenous affairs (Fred Chaney, Michael Gracey)
Communications and the Arts (Kim Williams {Arts}, Terry Flew {media regulation in internet world}, Julianne Shultz {cultural identity}, Rob Nicholls {NBN})
Environment and climate change (Ross Garnaut, Peter Cosier, Brendan Mackay)
Inequality (Peter Whiteford, Michael Keating, Ian McAuley)
Security, both military and soft power (Michael Wesley)
Internal security and freedom (Spencer Zifcak {Human Rights Act/Charter})

Media enquiries. Please contact [email protected].



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