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Oct 11, 2014

Global Pulse Magazine brings together the rich editorial resources of some of the world’s leading independent publishers in the Catholic Church for an international English readership. Global Pulse provides insights into the Church and in the wider world of politics, religion, ethics, society and culture. Visit www.globalpulsemagazine.com

In October, access is free so you can get a taste for what’s on offer. From November, you can subscribe for $22 for a year’s subscription

Involved in Global Pulse Magazine are:

  • Bayard/La Croix
    Bayard, founded 1870, is the French and English language multinational Catholic publisher of the highly respected daily La Croix (which first appeared as a daily newspaper in 1883). See more at http://www.la-croix.com/Urbi-et-Orbi/
  • Commonweal Magazine
    An independent publication based in New York City, Commonweal has provided excellence in Catholic publishing for 90 years with authors from Flannery O’Connor and Graham Greene to Joseph Komonchak and E. J. Dionne. Commonweal focuses on current affairs, religion and culture. It is available at commonwealmagazine.org or every fortnight in print.
  • eRenlai
    A magazine with an Asia-Pacific focus, covering cultural, social and spiritual issues, published by the Jesuits’ Taipei Ricci Institute. See more at http://www.erenlai.com/en/
  • Eureka Street
    A vibrant online journal of analysis, commentary and reflection on current issues in politics, religion and culture in Australia and the world. Established by the Australian Jesuits in 1993, See more at http://eurekastreet.com.au/
  • com
    Founded in 1979, UCAN has a team of 40 reporters and editors operating across Asia. Based in Bangkok, UCAN publishes news and features, opinion and analysis in English, Chinese, Vietnamese and Bahasa Indonesia. See more at www.ucanews.com

Global Pulse Magazine is edited in Rome by acclaimed journalist and commentator Robert Mickens and produced in Bangkok, offering daily postings, along with daily and weekly newsletters for subscribers.

Global Pulse Magazine provides unique insights on issues that matter – in the Church and in the wider world of politics, religion, ethics, society and culture. The content is aimed at an international, English speaking readership that values good writing and thoughtful assessments from the best Catholic publishers.


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