Morrison’s gone, but the stench of corruption hangs over the Liberal Party – Weekly Roundup

Apr 20, 2024
Whyalla steelworks: waiting for hydrogen in a future made in Australia

An industry policy in development, baby steps towards a carbon price, lessons for independent MPs who want to start a party, the virtue of working less. Read on for the weekly roundup of links to articles, podcasts, reports and other media on current economic and political issues.

Industry policy

“A future made in Australia” is about economic transformation in a changed world, not protection. We will have to pay for the energy transition, but not necessarily through our power bills. Tentative moves to a carbon price. The quiet way electric vehicles are coming into our market.

Other economics

What big business does when it runs out of consumers to exploit. An accounting lesson for supermarket executives. The IMF economic outlook – business as usual.


Morrison’s gone, but the stench of corruption, cronyism and economic mismanagement still hangs over the Liberal Party. Jacqui Lambie’s hard political lesson: you can be a party person or an independent, but not both. Bondi, Wakeley and the curse of social media.

Public ideas

Ross Gittins’ advice for academics and journalists. John Quiggin’s ideas for all of us – knock off early and enjoy life.

An earlier industrial transformation

The mighty FX Holden.

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