Nuclear fantasy a “dangerous and expensive farce” – Weekly Roundup

Jun 22, 2024
HV powerlines
What’s at the end of these lines – low-cost solar and wind or high-cost nuclear?

Malcolm Turnbull calls Dutton’s nuclear fantasy a “dangerous and expensive farce”, how the far right won ground in the European elections while the left won ground in Poland, public policy ideas from Pope Francis and Lucy Turnbull. Read on for the weekly roundup of links to articles, podcasts, reports and other media on current economic and political issues.

The politics and economics of Australia’s energy transition

The Coalition’s nuclear fantasy fails on economics and engineering. We are now in a combative and dysfunctional political process shaped by Dutton. Opinion polls, however, show that the government is still not getting through to the electorate on its energy policy.

Other politics

Making sense of the swing to the right in the EU elections. Polish social democrats set an example for our Labor Party. With a radical proposal South Australian Premier Peter Malinauskas puts political donations on the national agenda. Australia is the only democracy without a bill of rights, but that could change if the government has enough political courage. Bill Shorten and Winston Churchill compared.

Other economics

Living on Jobseeker: it’s only emergency assistance rather than income support. Retail pharmacies face an Uber moment. Ideas on dampening inflation and inflation expectations. No, it’s not a “cost of living crisis”; it’s a problem in a grossly unfair distribution of income, opportunity and wealth. The dark side of resistance to a cashless economy.

Public ideas

Pope Francis on artificial intelligence and political participation. Lucy Turnbull on ideas for Australian cities. The economists’ doctrine of comparative advantage explained.

Nuclear power for the kiddies

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