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May 10, 2013

Dear Elizabeth,

At our church, Liverpool South Anglican Church, we have befriended some men from Sri Lanka who have been released from the Curtin Detention centre. They are setting up house in Sydney. We held a BBQ and cricket match on Anzac Day and about 30 men came along.

Our Minister explained to them about Anzac Day and why it is important to Australians.

Another minister preached the gospel message to them in Tamil.

We heard from about 5 of the men about the story of their trip to Australia.
They were very grateful. It was the first celebration they had been to in Australia.

Then today 15 came to church and we provided lunch. But we have not got enough blankets to give them.

Do you think that Wraps With Love might be happy to provide about 20 wraps?

Brenda and Edith



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