Peter Day. Hatred won’t stop me patting the dog.

Nov 19, 2015

Hatred won’t stop me patting the dog 

By Peter Day

New York, London, Bali, Madrid, Israel, Beirut, Egypt, Nigeria, Sydney, Paris:
on and on it goes, the list of nations and cities left bereft
after yet another act of terror.

It puts one’s inner-being out of whack; could even threaten
to derail one’s sense of humanity.

Where to from here in the face of such deep seated hatred and barbarity?

Where to from here as the canopy of powerlessness descends?

The dog’s snoring in the sun next to my courtyard flyscreen …

Must remember to keep patting him.

Must remember to keep hugging those I love.

Must remember to keep washing the dishes.

Must remember to keep my head down at golf.

Must remember to keep in mind that people are worth it.

Must remember to sit quietly with the Beloved.

Must remember not to let daily acts of terror undermine simple daily acts – simple daily acts of love.

Peter Day is a Catholic Priest in Canberra.




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