PETER DAY: The Endarkenment

“God is dead, God is Dead!”

A new Enlightenment has dawned.

Bow to its three pillars: Reason, Science, Humanism.

“God is dead, God is Dead!”

Close all the churches.

Take the Sacred Bread out of the Tabernacles; replace it with Reason.

“God is dead, God is Dead!”

Imprison all the priests, innocent and guilty alike – and throw away the keys.

Ban the prayers – except those invoking Reason.

“God is dead, God is Dead!”

Science is the Way, the Truth, and the Life.

All reality is material – cast away the transcendent.

“God is dead, God is Dead!”

No more Christmases:  Reason is now the reason for the Season.

No more Easters:  only Reason and Science can be raised and exalted, not a man.

“God is dead, God is Dead!”

No more mystics. No more poets.

No more miracles. No more Soul.

“God is dead, God is Dead!”

No visiting the sick in the name of Christ.

No washing the feet of the poor in the name of Christ.

“God is dead, God is Dead!”

No burying the dead in the name of Christ.

No hoping in the Eternal in the name of Christ.

“God is dead, God is Dead!”

But we’ve been here before; just ask Mr Nietzsche, Mr Stalin, Mr Zedong, Mr Pol Pot.

Communism. Nihilism. Mass destruction.

Hell on earth.

“God is dead, God is Dead!”

Amen. Amen. Amen.

Peter Day is a Catholic priest in Queanbeyan



John Laurence Menadue is the publisher of Pearls & Irritations. He has had a distinguished career both in the private sector and in the Public Service.

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4 Responses to PETER DAY: The Endarkenment

  1. Susan Caldwell says:

    But what if the endarkenment is the inevitable outcome of Christianity when it became a would be world conquering political “religion” under the aegis of Constantine’s famous sword?
    Furthermore, what if the now world dominant paradigm of scientific materialism is the inevitable outcome of Christianity because of its sin-based presumptions about what we are as human beings?

    Every minute fraction of the humanly created world-mummery is now ruled and controlled by the dark point of view of scientific materialism which has deprived humankind of all profundity of view – relative to the nature of what we are as human beings, the nature of the natural world, and the nature of The Divine Reality in and as which all beings and things spontaneously arises.
    Scientific materialism is a global cultural program, which has so effectively supported the separative ego’s motive to achieve a perfectly independent state of “self-sufficiency” that, as a result, the human collective has brought itself to the point of global destruction.

    Furthermore in this dark time the rug has been pulled out from under the feet of traditional institutional religion. Anyone who seriously considers the modern Western intellectual, philosophical and Spiritual critique of conventional institutional religion will discover (if they are at all honest) that there simply is no basis in Truth or Reality for any of the conventional religious presumptions and ideas, most (even all) of which are quite childish, even infantile.

  2. neil hauxwell says:

    God’s not dead:he’s just a resting.
    Or laying traps, as if she’s testing.
    So many of God’s so goodly leaders
    are, on inspection, bottom feeders.
    So now the simple common folks
    are seeing through the central joke.
    That death’s the end if life has worth.
    And ancient texts cause science dearth
    So now we’ll all be decent on our own
    and ignore such apocalyptic moans.

  3. Mark Prytz says:

    The only alternative to god is “Communism. Nihilism. Mass destruction.”
    Only god prevents “Communism. Nihilism. Mass destruction.”
    Why not prove god exists, a better use of your time I think.

  4. Evan Hadkins says:

    If the Christians (and especially their institutions) had done more visiting the sick and washing of feet (and perhaps miracles); then I expect the death of god would not have been so warmly welcomed.

    And yes, I’m a Christian.

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