PETER SAINSBURY. How do the parties’ environmental policies compare?

May 14, 2019

If climate change is going to influence your vote this Saturday you may want to know how the three main political parties’ environment policies shape up. Here are three scorecards to help you decide who to favour with your vote.

The Australian Marine Conservation Society’s scorecard has a focus on the marine environment that includes the influence of renewable energy and coal mining.

The Australian Conservation Foundation’s scorecard also includes renewables and coal, plus protection of reefs, rivers, forests and wildlife. This scorecard also gives you the chance to compare what you want to see happen with what the parties are offering.

The Climate and Health Alliance’s scorecard rates a wide range of environmental issues that affect health: greenhouse gas emissions, renewable energy, coal, a carbon price, a planned transition for affected workers in fossil fuel industries, air pollution, a sustainable health care sector, and a national strategy for climate, health and wellbeing.

Please provide links to any other similar scorecards that you are aware of in the Comments box.

Peter Sainsbury sees Saturday’s election as Australia’s last chance to start taking action on climate change to have any chance of avoiding an environmental and human catastrophe.

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