Political polarisation in the United States: The series

Jan 6, 2024
Culture war and cultural wars concept or USA heritage and divided American politics as different philosophy as cultures fighting in conflict in the United States in a 3D illustration style.

America is Australia’s “great and powerful friend” so it matters a great deal how reliable our firmest strategic partner is. Is the US heading for a degree of political dysfunction that could blow back into its steadfastness as a leading player and an Australian ally in a multipolar Indo-Pacific? In this series, Roger Beale explores the issues underlying the polarisation that has been building in the US political landscape and, as the Presidential election ramps up, is showing deeper cracks that could impact the country’s internal stability. How will this impact the United States’ foreign policy and how will Australia respond?

Political polarisation in the US – Part 1: How real is the problem?

The long hand of history: Political Polarisation in the US – Part 2

Political Polarisation in the US – Part 3: Causes

A descent into violence? Political polarisation in the US – Part 4

Avoiding the same fate: Political Polarisation in the US – Part 5

A repost from July 31, 2023

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