Public policy won’t stand a chance under Dutton’s politics – Weekly Roundup

Oct 28, 2023
Still plenty of room for sheep to safely graze (Dalton, NSW)

If Dutton does to the next election what he did to the Voice referendum, public policy won’t stand a chance; the “Home Affairs” experiment has failed; and what the French do in their spare time. Read on for the Weekly roundup of links to articles, podcasts, reports and other media on current economic and political issues.

Reflections on the referendum

Dutton’s way of doing politics and the media’s shortcomings revealed. That unsigned open letter.

Possibilities of election reform

The public are ready for truth in campaigning laws, but the usual strident voices are raising a fear campaign. Labor and the Coalition come together to freeze out Teals and other independents.


Closing the door Dutton left open. How the “Home Affairs” experiment failed on many fronts.

Australia’s energy transition

We’ve picked up speed but we need to go much faster. Why the costs of our energy need to be distributed fairly. How the Victorian government screwed up road funding for the whole nation. Hard news for the coal industry.

Other economics

The CPI provides no grounds for a rise in interest rates. What happens if women are allowed to fulfil their economic potential. Australians are quietly buying the rest of the world. Jim Chalmers caught out.

Public ideas

How we make decisions when there isn’t much to guide us. The positive side of large-scale farming and big food miles.


What the French do in their copious spare time.

Links to sources of webinars, podcasts and readings

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