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Comments about Pearls and Irritations from Subscriber Survey, December 2019

‘Independent: not driven by monetary gain or vested interests’

 ‘Thoughtful and thought-provoking’ 

‘Corrective to lack of balance in mainstream media, especially Murdoch press but also Fairfax/Nine and ABC’

 ‘Constantly challenging conventional wisdom’

‘Variety, depth and substance of articles that help to redress the suffocating echo chamber.’

‘Non-ideological, non-partisan, non-agenda driven, unbiased, fresh and often challenging opinions from experts.’

‘Rare honesty of writing: you don’t publish lies or BS – instead you expose them.’  

‘Written by experts no longer constrained by office and not afraid to speak truth to power.’ 

‘Very important because of the well-credentialed and authoritative contributors and in-depth analysis that pulls no punches.’

‘Occupies a unique public space between academic and journalistic articles, more reflective and analytical than latter.’ 

‘Priority to policy over politics.’

 ‘Open-minded and internationalist perspectives.’

 ‘Unafraid to tackle controversial topics, but intelligently and forthrightly.’ 

‘Rare combination of passion and clarity.’

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