Restoring appropriate equilibrium between our two countries

Mar 22, 2024
Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi at New Zealand Parliament in Wellington, New Zealand, Monday, March 18, 2024. Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi has begun his diplomatic tour of Australia and New Zealand, meeting with his Kiwi counterpart at Wellington's Parliament House. Image:AAP/Ben Mckay

This morning I had a one hour five minute meeting with the Chinese Foreign Minister Mr Wang Yi.

This was a very pleasant and engaging event which, in the main, was a big picture discussion about the geostrategic balances and influences in the world.

A portion of that devolved to Australia’s long term relationship with China from Bert Evatt’s support for recognising Mao’s government in 1950, Gough Whitlam establishing diplomatic relations in 1973, Bob Hawke’s relationship with Hu Yaobang in the eighties, my relationship with Jiang Zemin and Zhu Rongji in putting together APEC, the Leaders’ meeting and Kevin Rudd’s role in the expansion of the East Asia Summit.

The Foreign Minister was very positive about putting bilateral difficulties behind us as he was encouraged by the government’s efforts in restoring appropriate equilibrium between our two countries.

He was pleased he was also able to speak with the Prime Minister on the visit, as he was with the Opposition Leader, following what he described as a productive meeting with the Foreign Minister.

Minister Wang Yi emphasised China’s ability to keep on growing and strongly, pointing out that China is still only 55% urbanised – another 20% to go.

He said the world will still benefit from China’s ability to supply high quality relatively low priced goods which will help underwrite higher living standards in the West and other regions of the world.

He both encouraged and welcomed Australia’s continuing integration with East Asia where he believed Australia’s future lies.

The Foreign Minister displayed a keen understanding of Australia’s strengths. Its complementarity with China’s own economy and the prospect of ever rising living standards for both countries.

PJ Keating

21 March 2024

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