Rethinking the cost of Western intervention in Ukraine.

Dec 2, 2014

In the Washington Post on November 25, Katrina vanden Heuvel had a very interesting article on the mistakes that Europe, NATO, and the US have made in their approach to Russia over the Ukraine and Crimea. She quotes Henry Kissinger as saying ‘Nobody in the West has offered a concrete program to restore Crimea. Nobody is willing to fight over Eastern Ukraine. That’s a fact of life.’  Kissinger has said that the West might weigh its real security concerns before posturing and escalation over Ukraine.

Even far away Australia has been posturing over Ukraine. In one of his more bellicose moments, and as a way of shirt-fronting Vladimir Putin, Tony Abbott suggested that Australia might send 1,000 Australian  troops to secure the crash site in Eastern Ukraine!  The link to this article is below.  John Menadue

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