RICHARD WOOLCOTT. Australian governments have made us more at risk from terrorism.

Jan 6, 2017

We should not refer to ISIS as a state. It Is not a state. It has no Air Force or navy. It has no fixed boundaries. It is really a series of militant groups. It behaves in a ruthless manner, as does Saudi Arabia and its agents in Yemen.  

ISIS derives benefit to its status from being called a state and successfully exploits what it often refers to as predominantly Western intervention managed by the United States.

When Abbott was Prime Minister he said that the primary role of the Prime Minister was to make the Australian people safer. But his strident attitudes towards Russia, Ukraine, Malaysia, Indonesia and towards NATO’s base close to the Polish boarder, ensured that they are now less safe than they were.

While the Turnbull Government has been much less strident, it has not changed the policies and the Australian people remain less safe than they were.

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