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Oct 2, 2021
German elections -- return of the Social Democrats

This weekly post is a collection of links to recent articles, reports, podcasts, interviews, and notices of upcoming webinars, on political, economic and public policy issues, that may be of interest to Pearls and Irritations readers.

The vaccine’s progress

As vaccination numbers rise, what are politicians and public health experts saying about our path from here?

China and AUKUS

Turnbull is unimpressed with AUKUS and Morrison. Rudd and Mahbubani are among others providing insights on China.

Our part in climate change

The Coalition government backs strong action on climate change.  (Hint – it isn’t the federal Coalition.)

Our failing housing market

Economists call for policy interventions on both the demand side and supply side.

Other politics and economics

Observations on neoliberals, the Coalition, anti-vaxx demonstrators and other pestilences.

Elections and polls

A guide to some of the 40 parties in the German election, why we miss Merkel, and at home some solid poll results for Labor.


Australia Institute webinars

German election again

Deep insights into the German political culture

These links are on Ian McAuley’s website

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See Michael West Media for more analysis of these and other economic and political issues, and watch out for Peter Sainsbury’s Sunday environment round up.

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