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Oct 9, 2021
ot quite ready for a Shinkansen or TGV

This weekly post is a collection of links to recent articles, reports, podcasts, interviews, and notices of upcoming webinars, on political, economic and public policy issues, that may be of interest to Pearls and Irritations readers.

The vaccine’s progress

With half the population vaccinated, New South Wales is opening up (a little) on Monday. Other states are watching.


The fast train we don’t have. Labour economics in explained in two minutes. Karl Marx and the Ten Commandments.

Politics – ICAC

It’s not about Gladys: it’s about probity. We need a Commonwealth ICAC.

Other politics

Bernard Collaery has a small win for justice. The politics of Pope Francis’s popemobile.

Health and aged care

Remember that commission of inquiry? Not much has happened. And in health the states are left with the bill for the Commonwealth’s neglect.

Elections and polls

Labor still ahead. Independents are gathering pace.


University of Melbourne and Australia Institute webinars

The nuclear French navy

French navy manoeuvrers in Singapore.

These links are on Ian McAuley’s website

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See Michael West Media for more analysis of these and other economic and political issues, and watch out for Peter Sainsbury’s Sunday environment round up.

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