STEPHEN FITZGERALD supports Pearls and Irritations.

Pearls and Irritations provides quite the best daily analysis of issues in world affairs and Australia’s foreign relations of any media in Australia – traditional or online. I find it valuable because its contributors bring a depth of knowledge and experience of their subject from decades of working directly on these issues in expert and professional capacities, in government, academia and the media. And because it covers issues and evidence-based perspectives that often go untouched by the general media. I recommend it regularly to friends and colleagues in other countries as the best-informed and intelligent commentary on Australia in world affairs this country has to offer.

Stephen FitzGerald was a former Australian Ambassador to China.

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Stephen FitzGerald AO is a Board Member of China Matters, Distinguished Fellow of the Whitlam Institute, Associate Professor at the Australia China Institute for Arts and Culture at WSU, and Vice-President of the Museum of Chinese Australians. He was the first Ambassador of Australia to the PRC.

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