Taylor Swift exposed as an agent of the Deep State – Weekly Roundup

Feb 24, 2024
Better than a leaking boat for crossing the Timor Sea

Prospects for real tax reform – if only the Coalition would behave like grownups, early signs of real wage growth, no more visas for rich spivs, the case for nationalising the insurance industry, and Taylor Swift exposed as an agent of the Deep State. Read on for the weekly roundup of links to articles, podcasts, reports and other media on current economic and political issues.


After 80 years the “postwar era” may finally be coming to an end: Australia will have to adapt to changed economic rules. Early signs of a recovery in real wages, but they’re still six percent down on 2020. The government cannot push tax reform off the agenda, and nor should it, but don’t expect progress until we marginalize the scaremongers. Why insurers cannot cope with climate change. If you don’t like your job get a new one, for the sake of the economy.


How to improve our democracy – making sure we vote is a start. Sixty years after women were allowed into the front bar we’re still on a long road to gender equality. Dutton’s welcome to people smugglers. The end of Australia’s golden visa – money launderers will have to go to Malta or Vanuatu instead.

Public ideas

Can we all give up the woke wars – they’re bloody pointless. Don’t blame “western” ideas for the ills of racism and colonialism. Taylor Swift exposed as an agent of the Deep State.

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