The branding

Aug 25, 2023
Israeli flag covered in red handprints representing blood of Arabs at an anti-Israel protest.

The alleged branding of the Star of David on the face of a Palestinian man by Israeli police has left many around the world aghast at the barbaric cruelty and violence of such an act. It has been reported in numerous media outlets yet is, so far, glaringly left out of others. This kind of humiliation and violence seems to come from another era in a time when racial violence and the attacking of the underdog whilst authorities turned a blind eye was de rigueur. But it’s 2023.

It is so staggering that it’s hard to find words that can make sense of regions in our world where this is not only acceptable from police but handled with care when brought to the attention of the criminal justice system. And to be clear, I mean the police are handled with care, not the victim. Of course, we can read articles that describe the Palestinian as a terrorist a drug smuggler or a known aggressor against the Occupiers, but that is blind-siding 101. Even if he was all of the above, does this justify such barbarity?

16 police officers were allegedly dealing with one man, the Palestinian. One police officer even offered an explanation as to how the impression of the Star of David appeared on the man’s face; his boot pressed against the Palestinian man’s face as they were arresting him in a struggle. A struggle? With 16-1? The bodycams on all 16 police officers were apparently not turned on. The branding was allegedly after a savage beating.

It is utterly frightening when authorities, police and defence forces not only have the capacity to do as they will when arresting people, but even more frightening is their capacity for such hatred and violence against human beings. Were any of them laughing as they branded this man’s face with the Star of David? I can only imagine what decent and reasonable Israelis and Jews around the world must think of this emblem being used for such disgusting acts of cruelty.

If a border police officer can be acquitted in an Israeli court for killing an autistic Palestinian man, then I guess the gates of hell are open for all the unfortunates who cross the Israeli authorities. I don’t really have much more to say as the photo of the man’s branded face, the nature of who did it and the horror of how low the police have stooped, really just leaves me speechless.

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