The CIA can’t make make up its mind who to back in Venezuela!

Jan 7, 2023
Flag of USA and Venezuela - indicates partnership, agreement, or trade wall and conflict between these two countries. Image:iStock

You need to fix your eye on the ball if you want keep up with the frocking and de-frocking of America’s offshore political proteges – especially in Venezuela.

After Nicolas Maduro claimed he had won victory in Venezuela’s presidential election in 2018, Washington said, no you haven’t.

The US approved Venezuelan opposition leader, Juan Guaido, then declared himself President in January 2019 and Washington, in a move described as a “bold political gambit”, said, indeed you are.

But it appears that the CIA (surely, they have been shaping these events) and others have decided it is time for Proto-President Guaido to become Ex-President Guaido. A recent Wall Street Journal article, Venezuela’s U.S.-Backed Opposition Removes Juan Gauido as Its Leader, crisply covers this remarkable decline and fall. These events are also reported by Reuters.

At almost the same time, a US judge in Miami found that claimed Venezuelan diplomat, Alex Saab (wanted and then evidently abducted by the US), could not be a diplomat as his appointment had only been made by the elected (but US-disbarred) President of Venezuela rather than by the once-upon-a-time, Proto-President of Venezuela.

Barely a week passes without the US re-confirming what a wondrous thing the American-curated, Rules Based International Order is.

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