The creeping Americanisation of Australian healthcare.

Sep 19, 2016

In this blog, I have repeatedly posted articles about the threat to Medicare in the $11 billion pa. subsidy which the Australian government provides to support private health insurance companies in Australia. We are sleep walking into the destruction of Medicare unless we reverse this trend. The US health system dependent upon private health insurance is the most expensive and inequitable in the world. 

For its own ideological reasons, the Coalition is promoting the development of private health insurance. The ALP does not seem to know or care what is happening.

In a recent survey ReachTEL has revealed that more than 90% of Australians are concerned about the Americanisation of our health system. The poll also reveals that 70% of Australians with private health insurance have considered ditching or downgrading their cover in the last year in the face of relentless price rises and diminishing value for money.

For a report on the ReachTEL polling, see link below to article in the SMH by Adam Gartrell of September 18, 2016.  John Menadue.

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