‘The Eleventh’, ABC’s podcast on the dismissal (A repost)

Jul 16, 2020

An edited transcript of an interview I conducted with the ABC for a podcast series The Eleventh.

I was brought up in a lower-middle-class home, a Methodist Manse. I assumed that my ‘betters’ must somehow be honourable and trustworthy people.

After November 11, 1975, I came to the conclusion that even a Governor-General, High Court Judges and a powerful media proprietor were not honourable and trustworthy.

I learned that powerful people will trample on long-established conventions and institutions to protect the interests of themselves, their powerful friends and their class.

Forty-five years later my trust has not been restored.

Please click below to download the edited transcript of the Menadue section of the series:

John Menadue transcript ABC Series

See particularly pages 18-28 concerning John Kerr.

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