The New Rite of Baptism?

The Church modernises…



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2 Responses to The New Rite of Baptism?

  1. Avatar Alex Nelson says:

    I wonder why the parents cannot be trusted to pour the water of Baptism and anoint with oil, while the priest, deacon is present as witness and reader of prayers, if there is no one else to do it.

    The pandemic presents an opportunity for a new practice of Christian community.

    We need imagination to develop structures that sustain, rather than turn ourselves inside out to keep structures the way they are.

    • Avatar Fosco Ruzzene says:

      Hello Alex,
      I agree with your thoughtful comments.
      Half a century ago when I was at brainwashing school we pew-sitters were told that any baptized catholic could baptize.
      But it is all about symbolism. Parents baptizing their own children would symbolize their responsibility as parents. And, that the real teachers of religion are parents and family. Having the Vatican-ite , symbolizes the power of the Vatican over us pew-sitters. For the Vatican it is always all about power even if they have to look ridiculous.

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