Palestinian genocide: History whispers until it shouts

Oct 17, 2023
Palestinians inspect the ruins of a building destroyed in Israeli airstrikes in Khan Younis in the southern of Gaza strip, on October 8, 2023. A mosque destroyed by an Israeli airstrike

There is a genocide happening on our watch. Can we rally from the brink of despair?

I can usually rally myself back from the brink of despair at the state of our world. Not this time. We are in a worrying crisis of monumental moral bankruptcy. There is a genocide about to happen right under our noses. There is an ethnic cleaning about to occur on our watch. The hypocrisy of the United States, the United Kingdom, France, Australia and numerous other Western countries highlights the enormity of dominance via white superiority and callousness. Millions of people must surely feel the same as I do and, on the contrary, millions are doing nothing about rectifying this gross situation of humanity on its belly crawling into an Armageddon of their own making.

I know there has been reams of content devoted to the hypocrisy of the international community but until the deaf, angry, aged men at the top of Western governments hear and have empathy, it needs to be reiterated constantly. What have we come to when a group of people act with impunity to unflinchingly annihilate another group? Has the entire world lost its moral compass? It seems to be pointing directly south as we plummet into hell by shear neglect of the care we should be giving to our fellow humans. Mandela and Gandhi must be rolling in their graves.

The current state in Palestine-Israel is so monumentally revolting and horrific that there are not strong enough words to use in public print to convey gut feelings about the atrocities being carried out on people who have already been victimised for over 75 years. The Jews know only too well what it feels like to be victimised yet the leaders in the Jewish state of Israel seem to thoroughly enjoy terrorising and oppressing the Palestinians. Otherwise they wouldn’t do it. If it pained them and made them feel sick to the stomach, they would have sought peace many decades ago. Netanyahu mimics Pavlov’s dog whenever he gets a whiff of the chance to murder Palestinians en masse. And he’s about to do just that.

If Israeli’s are so troubled by what is going on in their state why didn’t they act when they saw the racist monster crawling out from under Netanyahu’s skin; or the vitriolic, hateful, ignorant speech of the heinous Ben-Gvir spewing his loathing on the Palestinians. Why didn’t the citizens rise up and stop those architects of genocide? Now they are shocked and horrified. The violence inflicted upon them is also horrific, but surely they can’t be surprised when the leaders they democratically voted for held innocent prisoners for seven decades in Israeli backyards – also known as concentration camps. If they truly believe they are “the only democracy in the Middle East”, then God help us if that is what democracy looks like.

Russia invaded the Ukraine and was immediately lambasted, sanctioned and hated by the world. Russian foreign money was frozen, trade halted and front-page news could not revile Putin with enough invective. We heard for months and months of the poor Ukrainian victims. The savagery of Russia was daily fodder for newspapers the world over. South Africa was blacklisted, sanctioned, denigrated and ostracised by much of the world because of the treatment of its indigenous people. They were publicly shamed by the world because of apartheid.

The United States drops atomic bombs on the Japanese, invades under false pretences Iraq and Afghanistan destroying both countries in their wake. They isolate Cuba and punish them for over 60 years for the hubris of unrequited love. America has intervened and/or interfered with Venezuela, Nicaragua, Chile, Guatemala, Bolivia, Panama; and that’s just in South America! And now we have the ongoing violation of Palestinians human rights which America appears to believe doesn’t count. They police the world according to their (Christian) standards of what they interpret as Western democracy yet cruelly leave their own citizens to rot in the streets with no health care and no homes – but lots of drugs. They wag their finger at Iran and threaten them constantly whilst kissing the hand of Netanyahu. So why should we imagine that successive U.S. administrations would care about the poor Palestinians half a world away. They are cruel to their own, so what hope?

How have the US and Western countries got it so wrong not to back the majority of inhabitants of the Middle East who may well have been prepared to trade and have good relations with the U.S. It is quite possible that Israel would have just melded into the fabric of the Middle East had they not been favoured, lauded, enriched and praised while the rest of the region is regularly labelled as backward, barbaric, fanatic, terrorist and authoritarian.

After 1948 America pricked up its ears and opened its eyes wide to supporting a few million people in the stolen land now called Israel. They aided and abetted thieves and now they have cornered themselves with the rhetoric of…well…there’s not enough space here to list the detritus that comes out of any U.S. politician’s mouth in regard to supporting an apartheid regime. And while the US is busy telling everyone else that they have the best freedoms, they let their buddies in Israel commit ethnic cleansing on a scale we have not seen in the 21st century. That’s okay. Because its only Arabs. Who cares. Besides there’s lots of money to be made out of Israel.

I’m finding it very hard to have any shred of respect or admiration for any aspect of any religion. Religion divides. It’s what allows the Jews to march in over the heads of Muslims because their God told them that they are allowed to own Palestine. Never mind that this promise comes from an unproven source or that it was from over 2,000 years ago. How the hell have humans been so suckered that we have allowed our world to be dominated by what should be a private affair. I am revolted by what religion has done to us as a species. Would we have the horror in Palestine-Israel if it weren’t for a book that states a parcel of land was bequeathed from an unproven entity in the sky?

Humans drop bombs, hold guns, fire rockets and slit people’s throats. Humans – that’s all it takes. No special requirements are needed to kill strangers, just hatred, revenge, racism and greed. The bombs, guns and rockets have no feelings, they lie inert until a human gets hold of them and then we’re all in trouble. If this situation in Gaza was a novel or a movie you’d consider it so dark that you may not want to get to the end. And when you find out that the Jewish claims to Palestine come from a work of fiction from over 2,000 years ago, you would declare, “How unrealistic. Humans couldn’t be so stupid”.

Wake up everybody. History whispers until it shouts. It’s about to shout bloody murder.

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