The realpolitik of the Gaza war

Dec 6, 2023
Israeli and Palestinian flags on a brick wall with blood splatters.

If this 2022-23 opinion poll is correct then a clear majority of Palestinians want a single-Islamic state, not a shared Islamic-Jewish one let alone a two-state solution.

Futhermore most want to achieve this through armed struggle not peaceful negotiation, and they want their President to be Marwan Barghouti, a Fatah leader jailed in Israel for killing Israelis during the first and second Intifada uprisings against Israeli occupation.

The stark truth is that after 75 years of displacement, siege and repression most Palestinians loathe Israel so much they want it destroyed. This is also Hamas’ aim. That’s the sad reality – the realpolitik of Palestinian-Israeli relations.

Since the poll was taken before the bombing of Gaza, it’s likely that Palestinian animosity towards Israel has hardened.

When the Gaza war is over Israel will need to administer almost 7 million Palestinians within its borders (including West Bank and Gaza). There are just over 7 million Jewish citizens in Israel.

Whether Israel’s government can maintain control of almost half its population, the overwhelming majority of whom don’t have citizenship and hate it so much they want it destroyed, is the burning question. At present finding a solution that safeguards Israel yet enables Palestinians to shape their own destiny seems nigh impossible. Hopefully, this tragic cataclysm will force a compromise that both sides can honour.

Within Australia managing heightened tensions within Jewish and Muslim communities is the challenge. Both feel deeply aggrieved over what has happened. Jews over the callous murder of 1,200 Israeli citizens and the capture of 240 for ransom by Hamas terrorists without warning.

Muslims over the savagery of the Israeli retaliation which not only targeted Hamas rocket launchers but whole suburbs killing over 15,000 residents and making 1.8 million homeless. In both Israel and Gaza women and children who are clearly not combatants were not spared.

Most Australians who have followed this unfolding grisly drama are alarmed at the killings by each side which will resume unless the ceasefire holds.

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