The world cannot afford a war between US and China

Aug 26, 2020

It is so obvious that the world cannot afford a war between US and China.

We have a very serious COVID pandemic with us. We have to try to feed the 7-8 billions global citizens around the world affected by this pandemic and keep them safe from illnesses and dying. We could be facing even a greater economic depression of 1930s in coming months and years.

Australia is not alone. We all are in it in this US-China crisis, as evident from the echoes of our silent cry and voices.

In the last few months, many wise opinion pieces from influential and experienced commentators have sprung forward and join in the most important debate on how to avoid a war between US and China and how should Australia play its part to protect her people and long-term national interests.  We will try to summarize a few from the authoritative John Menadue Blog below.

The current signs are ominous, and Australia is possibly stumbling blindly towards war”.  Former Defense Executive Mike Scrafton’s s article comes with a strong message that “Today’s risks and the history of war: recognising the unknowable. The point of no return is mostly only evident in hindsight, and nations occasionally find themselves unexpectedly teetering on the edge of conflict.”

The Scrafton article attracted of lot of many response from readers:

For example: Anthony Pun  “Perish the thought of going to any war because any conflict in the South China Sea is potentially liable to a hot and destructive nuclear holocaust. I wonder if this article was published prominently in the Sydney Morning Herald or The Australian, would it bring about a change in attitude about starting a war?”.

In reply to the above comment, Dr Andrew Glikson “The article is unlikely to appear in the corporate media. As stated by Chomsky “The smart way to keep people passive and obedient is to strictly limit the spectrum of acceptable opinion, but allow lively debate within that spectrum.”

Our former Ambassador to China, Dennis Argall sums it up:

The first thing required is sanity. Mike is right to speak of lunacy.”There is a term casus belli. The justification of war. There is none.  It would appear that the main Australian media would not take the role of the peacemaker and it is up to men and women of good will among the John Menadue writers to come forward with message of peace”.

Australia can be the leading peace maker in the world.  Minister Payne had taken the first step at AUSMIN but more is needed to be done if we are not going to “stumbling blindly towards war”!

The article “Hysteria over China” by Gregory Clark (30Jul2020); a former Foreign Affairs officer in HK & Moscow), projected a clear picture of the geopolitics of our era and geographical position.  

On the subject of a possible hot war between US and China, Michael Pembroke (3 Aug2020) in his article Pragmatism not American Militarism is the answer”, the US-China conflict is just an economic warfare using political ideology as an excuse. Pembroke is right on nuclear deterrence on both sides

There is also a constructive suggestion by former Australian Ambassador to US, Indonesia, Japan & India: John McCarthy (4 August2020) in his article After AUSMIN: How to Ensure Strong Ties to the US and Asia”  and how to repair the Australia-China relations.

Much of the South China Sea stories emanating from the Western media, do not tell the whole story. In this article: Demystifying Australia’s South China Sea” (18Aug2020) By Sam Bateman (ANCORS, Uni Wollongong)  presented a more objective and independent view.

Finally, Mark Valenca, a South China Seas expert wrote “Why the US policy initiative in the South China Sea is likely to fail” (17Aug2020).

The Cold War has earnest began between the US and China. The world is getting dangerous to live as we see the progress from a trade war (negotiable) to a Cold War (not so negotiable). I wish to introduce to John Menadue readers a comprehensive discussion by world scholars (multi-polar) about the new Cold War. how it came about and what can be done to avoid.   The message from this video is about the possibility of a hot war and man of good intention do not get together to counter it, for a peaceful coexistence on planet earth (see

The world is getting dangerous to live in as we see the progress from a Trade war to a Cold War with signs of a Hot war awaiting between USA and China. One would conclude that our previous “blind” siding with the USA could be wrong. Hence, the better alternative, in our national interests, is to remain flexible, inclusive and accommodating to ASEAN nations and China, but not necessarily kowtowing to China or USA.  With mutual understanding and respect, a pragmatic, constructive diplomacy among Australia, USA, China and Asia Pacific Nations is a better strategy.

We are pleased lately, to see some hope after listening to PM Morrison’s interview on 4 August 2020 at The Aspen Strategy Group, Security Forum of USA, alongside with the Ambassador of China to the USA, Cui Tiankai. PM Morrison even praised Chinese Australians’ contribution and the success of our multicultural policies on this world stage. We encourage our readers to have a listen to both.

The world really cannot afford a war between China and USA as there are too much at risk for all of us. A win-win situation is the best alternative for all. Australia can play the role of the world’s most respectable peace-maker in this Century. A historical opportunity we should not miss.

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