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Jan 24, 2021

The US presidency is said to be the office of the “leader of the free world” yet, as highlighted by the dying days of Donald Trump’s presidency, one of the most challenging handicaps for US presidents seems to have been on the golf course.

The president of the United States is not only leader to 330 million inhabitants of the world’s most powerful democracy, he’s the torchbearer of global freedom and relentless protector of America’s staunchest allies.

Surely that must give the president many sleepless nights?

However, amidst numerous wars, financial crises, domestic unrest and periods of enormous global instability, presidents have always found time for 18 holes.

On the day US media outlets declared Joe Biden had won the presidency Trump was on the golf course as he’d been more than 300 times throughout his one term in the Oval Office. That’s better than a round a week while occupying the most important office on the face of the planet.

Trump out-trumped by predecessors

He may own a dozen golf courses — true to form there’s no exact number with various reports putting it the number between 11 and 19 — but Trump is nowhere near close to owning the presidential golf playing record.

World War One president Woodrow Wilson (1913-1921) was wartime Commander in Chief and one of the central characters of the ill-fated Versailles peace conference. Over the first six years of his presidency, he managed to get in an average of four rounds of golf per week. He suffered a stroke while in office, putting an end to his golf.

Golf is so engrained in the US Presidency that its pursuit has even spawned the popular website the Presidential Golf Tracker.

Golfers in chief

Howard Taft (1909-1913) is credited as being the first president who popularised the tradition of commanders in chief adding golf to their job description. His predecessor President Theodore Roosevelt (1901-1909) wrote to Taft during the 1908 presidential campaign complaining, “It would seem incredible that anyone would care one way or the other about your playing golf, but I have received literally hundreds of letters [from people] protesting about it.”

Not only did that criticism not bother him but Taft encouraged the press to report on his golf outings while he was president.

Republican President Dwight “Ike” Eisenhower (1953-1961) began playing golf while studying at the US Army officer training school Fort Leavenworth, Kansas. He rose through the military ranks to become Supreme Commander of Allied Forces in World War Two, all the while lowering his golf handicap.

His wartime record propelled him to the White House where almost every Wednesday afternoon he would slip out for a round of golf as he did on Saturdays.

Eisenhower played more than 800 rounds of golf while in office. A year into his presidency he had a 28 square metre putting green installed on the White House lawns. After leaving office he complained that his short game had suffered and the US Professional Golfers Association claimed he once said the “thrill of his lifetime” was sinking a hole in one.

In 2009 he was inducted in the World Golf Hall of Fame — only in America!

Tradition continued

Eisenhower convinced his then vice president, Richard Nixon (1969-74) to take up the game, and he managed to get his golf handicap down to a very respectable 12 strokes. However, during his presidency Nixon was not a regular golfer, as the Vietnam War heightened and the Watergate scandal devoured his presidency, he abandoned the game towards the end of his time in office.

Nixon’s impeachment and resignation brought Gerald Ford (1974-1977) into the White House. A former college footballer, he was a naturally gifted athlete, who once played a round of golf with legendary champions Arnold Palmer and Gary Player, hitting longer than both of them off the tee. Though he regularly hit into the trees he still played off a 12 handicap.

In summer months Bill Clinton (1993-2001) would some days work as late as 5pm, and, having solved the world’s problems he would head off the Army Navy Country Club in Virginia for 18 holes.

Over the eight years of his presidency his golf game got better, in a 2012 interview for a PGA film he said:

“I actually improved my handicap when I was in office. I was a probably a 16 when I came into the White House and a 12 when I left.”

An avid life-long golfer, Clinton shot his lowest ever round early in his second term as president. In total he racked up more than 400 rounds while in office.

George W. Bush (2001-2009) comes from solid golfing stock. Both his grandfather, Prescott Bush, a Wall Street banker turned US Congressman, and great grandfather, George Herbert Walker Senior, served as presidents of the US Golf Association.

To this day he remains a keen golfer but, despite his folksy demeanor, he only played 24 rounds of golf during his eight years in office.

President Barack Obama and then VP Joe Biden on the famous White House putting green (White House Image)

His father George H. W. Bush (1989-1993) was a noted fast player, who had little time for reading lies and lining up shots. He holds the record of the fastest round of golf played by a US president; playing in a foursome he finished 18 holes in just one hour and 51 minutes.

Despite his preference for speed over accuracy, he managed to maintain a very impressive gold handicap of 11. He joined Eisenhower as the only other president to be inducted into the Golf Hall of Fame.

Barack Obama (2009-2017) had the White House tennis court adapted so it could also be used as a basketball court, he later became an avid golfer while in the White House, playing 333 rounds of golf during his eight years in office.

Trump’s amazing handicap

With teams of Secret Service agents keeping prying eyes off golf courses, and playing partners who’d be very brave to challenge the President of the United States, it seems a little odd that so many presidents had virtually identical gold handicaps that hovered around 12.

Donald J Trump (2017-2021) appears to have been the least handicapped of all commanders in chief. According to Trump his golf handicap is 2.8, a number that puts him a lot closer to a tour professional than the average of all the other presidents.

Trump’s handicap, exclusively accumulated from play at his own golf clubs, is widely disputed. However, he is by most accounts a very capable golfer. His play was analysed, and a number of partners were interviewed, by sportswriter Rick Reilly who wrote a book on Trump and golf. The title says it all, “Commander in Cheat: How golf explains Trump”

And Biden’s time? 

According to Golf NewsJoe Biden (2021-) may well be one of the best golfers to have occupied the White House, with his golf handicap having been reported as six strokes, though it estimated the actual number was most likely closer to 10.

His demeanour, and commitment to focusing all his efforts on America’s out of control COVID-19 pandemic, suggest Biden won’t be seen too often on golf courses and country clubs around Washington DC. As the oldest ever president to take office, at 78 his advanced age might also dissuade him from too many rounds.

Republished with permission from APAC News. 

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