VACY VLAZNA. The ABC is USA/Israel’s mouthpiece on Gaza

May 9, 2019


The ABC yet again, obediently, is cranking out Israeli propaganda on Sunday’s Israeli assault on the besieged Palestinians in Gaza parroting that Israeli is merely protecting its citizens against Hamas ‘militants’- rather than the truth that Hamas resistance is protecting Palestinian families from Israeli belligerence and Israel’s 12 year illegal siege.  

Of course there is no independent ABC research into the source and facts of this latest Israeli war crime. Why do research when the Israeli hasbara office provides your fake news?

On Mondoweiss, James North reports Once again, ‘NYT’ distorts the news, dishonestly making Gazans the aggressor and Israel the victim :

“Amos Harel, who covers the military for the Israeli newspaper Haaretz, is hardly a supporter of Hamas. But he is an honest reporter, and you can turn to him (or one of his colleagues), rather than to the New York Times whenever there is a new outbreak of violence so you can try and figure out what is actually happening.

Amos Harel tells a more complicated story. He reports that the day before the rocket barrage, during Friday protests along the Gaza border, an Israeli jeep came under fire; one Israeli officer received “moderate” wounds and a soldier was wounded lightly.


Israel responded with tanks and aerial strikes, killing two Hamas military wing members. Two more Palestinian protesters were killed by Israeli fire in separate incidents along the border.

Four dead Palestinians. Only then did the Gaza militant groups “respond,” with the rocket attack.”

Hamas rockets, according to Norman Finkelstein are fireworks in comparison to Israel’s nuclear military might. The ABC knows that. It knows Hamas has no airforce, no navy, no army and that Palestinians in Gaza have no safe place to escape Israeli bombardment.

Spreading fake news is consummately immoral and dangerous. It makes the ABC an accomplice to Israeli state terrorism which for 70 years has killed, maimed  tortured, arbitrarily imprisoned, traumatised, humiliated thousands upon thousands Palestinian children, youth, women and men. Real people, real lives, real suffering.

The ABC shows no respect for international law on the matter of Palestine, no respect for Palestinian armed resistance against Israel’s international law violations, no respect for the year long unarmed resistance by Palestinian youth facing jewish snipers and the 251 slaughtered including 47 children.

Its faux coverage of Palestine, Syria, Venezuela, Iran testifies ABC independent journalism does not exist (apart from a handful of its journalists).

We are told that the ABC is a ‘government-owned’ broadcaster, fact is, the real owners are Australian taxpayers and the ABC’s responsibility is to them- to report the truth.

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