War fever and the military-industrial complex

Sep 4, 2023
Toy tank and dollars.

In the wake of communist collapse we have been presented with a new paradigm in international affairs. No, it is not a tinkering with the standard communism versus democracy we have had to tolerate for more than half a century of war. By strange twist of fate it is democracy which is seen as creating the danger.

Take the world we see around us.

In the US, and Australia, we have seen an amazing transformation of political alignments.

It is the so-called Left that is clamouring for increased military expenditures.

Partly because of the Left obsession over good versus evil, and its inability to decide who is the enemy if he is not communist. So it lashes out regardless, at Uighur cotton pickers, for example.

Another factor is the pressure within America to persuade the military to set up bases within one’s state – one for certain, two or three if possible, and to expand the US empire.

So we have the extraordinary sight of state offices clamouring to increase already bloated Pentagon budgets by twenty or thirty billion apiece.

In the process Republicans, apart for Trumpists perhaps, are neatly wedged. They are inured to hate communism. But some times, under Trump, they have sparks of personalist realism. Even so they are not going to oppose higher Budgets.

And so yet another unnecessary war gets underway.

Bloated budgets have to be spent.

In Australia the process is much simpler. Bring out the China threat and give it a few AUKUS whacks. Promise donations to strapped Leftist parties, the troops and commentators will fall into line.

No questions asked whether Liberal, Liberal or Conservative.

Even to ask questions is a sign of enemy sympathies, whether it is Vietnam or over Afghanistan.

The war fever seems destined to continue till mutual exhaustion or nuclear armageddon takes over.

Donations to political parties by the military-industrial complex should be banned.

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