Wasteful costs in health.

Following the ABC Four Corners program on health costs in Australia, there have been a number of very good follow up articles.

The first, in The Conversation on 29 September is by Ray Moynihan ‘Costly and harmful: we need to tame the tsunami of too much medicine’.


The second, in the AFR on 5 October, is by Neil Soderlund, Sam Stewart and Jan Willem Kuenen is entitled ‘Why overtreatment is costing Aussies $30 billion per year and how to fix it’.



John Laurence Menadue is the publisher of Pearls & Irritations. He has had a distinguished career both in the private sector and in the Public Service.

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  1. Avatar Lynne Newington says:

    Not quite on topic but relevant, I’ve often wondered why there isn’t compulsory ambulance cover, when you consider it’s only $43.80 yearly for singles and $87.60 for families, for pensioners it could be taken out of their pensions. Imagine how much it would save whilst ensuring those employed by the service received a decent wage.

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