We are all Aaron Bushnell. Don’t write him out of history

Mar 1, 2024
Gathering Before Candlelight Vigil to Honor U. S. Airman Aaron Bushnell's Self Sacrifice for Peace at the Israeli Embassy at 3514 International Drive, NW, Washington DC on Monday evening, 26 February 2024 by Elvert Barnes Photography

Aaron Bushnell enacted the ultimate sacrifice in the face of atrocities the likes of which have never been seen before and the grotesque, ugly western leadership enabling it to continue.

His act captures our anxiety, distress and helplessness.

He is all of us.

To learn more about Aaron Bushnell and his life, listen to interviews with those who knew him, here:

For more on this topic, P&I recommends:

I will no longer be complicit in genocide

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